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Orlando House Party Presents: SUGA at Grape and The Grain

ART BY. chill_artistry

Get ready for an electrifying start to the holiday season with SUGA, An R&B Party With Extra Rhythm! 🎶 Join us on Thanksgiving Eve, Wednesday, November 22nd, at Grape & The Grain in the vibrant Mills 50 neighborhood.

Featuring an all-star DJ lineup, including IZZYDATRUTH, B8TA, SADO SMOOTH, ION, DENNIS MERO, and hosted by the incredible FRANK ROSE, this night promises high-energy fun. 🎵

This event will be a non-stop party, blending R&B classics with Hip-Hop, Tropical, Soulful Upbeat Vibes, and, of course, Extra Rhythm! Get your friends together and make it an epic night of rhythm and soul.

We're back in our community and ready to kick off the holidays with a bang! 🌟 Don't miss out on SUGA... An R&B Party with Extra Rhythm!


Via, Orlando House Party



🍻 Enjoy beer & wine

🥂 Sip on Rum & Vodka Cutwater Seltzers

🍹 Savor Onda Tequila Seltzers

🍔 Relish in the delicious offerings from THE BRUJAS KITCHEN (Latin Fusion)

Here are some important details and guidelines for Orlando House Party:

1. Inclusivity: Everyone is welcome! Let's be kind and look out for one another. Any form of discrimination or harassment will not be tolerated.

2. Consent: Consent is sexy. Always ask before getting intimate with others on the dance floor.

3. Safety: If you feel uncomfortable or unsafe, seek help from an OHP team member, security, or staff. We're here to assist you.

4. Enjoyment: We're all here to dance and have a good time. We do not take requests, so just come prepared to groove with the community.

5. Tickets: Purchase in advance to ensure priority entry, as capacity may impact door ticket availability.

6. Event Space: We have indoor and outdoor areas, along with bathrooms, for your convenience. Be aware of safety exits.

7. Travel Safely: Whenever possible, travel with friends.

8. No Photography: Outside photography and videography are not allowed.

9. No Outside Drinks: Please refrain from bringing your own beverages.

What is Orlando House Party? It's a space to disconnect from the outside world, where music, dance, art, and creativity inspire and heal. No matter who you are, where you're from, or who you love, you are always welcome at our house! 🎉🎶

Get your tickerts now: HERE

Remember you can book your events with us by filling out the form on our website or sending an email to

Via, Orlando House Party

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