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Wine Bar Sessions Presented By Grape and The Grain: DJ Sado Smooth

Updated: Mar 20

🎶 Episode 2 of Wine Bar Sessions is here, featuring the incredible DJ Sado Smooth! 🍇 Ride into the sunset with his sweet vibes and get to know him better with our Q&A session:

🔊 Describe yourself as a DJ in a short manner...

"Creative, challenging, risky, and fun."

🍷 What sets Grape and The Grain apart from other venues you play?

"Freedom. It's a place where they let you be as free as you want and express however you feel, no judgment."

😊 What do you want people to feel when they listen to your music?

"Influenced but also happy. It's a balance of both, saying like, 'What is this?' but man, 'This feels good.' 🌅"

Watch previous Wine Bar Sessions: HERE

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