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Unveiling the Laughter: A Night of Comedy with The Perch at Grape and the Grain

Another great night of comedy unfolded at Grape and the Grain, courtesy of The Perch, leaving those who attended with big smiles. We had the pleasure of sitting down with Raymond Alford, the mastermind behind The Perch, to delve into the inception of this comedic venture and what makes Grape and the Grain the perfect backdrop for laughter.

Raymond shared how a chance encounter with Sean Madden, a partner in the comedy club venture, sparked the idea during a flight back from New Orleans. What began as a simple conversation about website design evolved into a mission to fill the comedy void in Orlando, especially as many comedians migrated to Austin. "My main passion, is giving people an hour and a half to laugh and forget their troubles."

When asked about Grape and the Grain's role in this comedic escapade, Raymond couldn't praise the venue enough. "It's just a great place," he emphasized, highlighting the accommodating staff and cozy atmosphere. "Grape and the Grain is a relaxing spot to sit, enjoy the environment, and have some laughs."

Reflecting on the night's success, Raymond beamed with satisfaction. "It was great, We had a fantastic turnout, and the show was a hit. It was everything we hoped for and more."

As the echoes of laughter lingered in the air, it was evident that Grape and the Grain had once again proven itself as the premier destination for comedy aficionados in Orlando. Stay tuned for more evenings filled with laughter, camaraderie, and unforgettable memories at Grape and the Grain.

Fulll Event Pictures: CLICK HERE

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