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SoulArtefacts: Cultivating House Music Culture at Grape and the Grain

At Grape and the Grain, the beats of house music reverberate through the walls once a month, courtesy of Soul Artefacts, a deep house party curated by resident DJ and creator, Frank Matik. With a mission to unite music lovers and foster the growth of the house music community in Orlando and beyond, SoulArtefacts brings together aficionados from Tampa, Atlanta, Jacksonville, Miami, and even as far as New York City.

When asked about Soul Artefacts' goal with their end-of-the-month events at Grape and the Grain, Frank Matik's response encapsulates their vision: "Our goal is to bring people together through the power of music and grow our community of house music in Orlando and throughout Central Florida." Drawing inspiration from the old school roots of the culture, Soul Artefacts infuses their events with a vibrant energy, featuring sounds ranging from the classics to deep house, Afro house, soulful house, disco, and house music with Latin and Brazilian rhythmic vibes. Their collective of DJs ensures that each event is a sonic journey, captivating attendees with immersive beats and infectious rhythms.

Grape and the Grain serves as the ideal backdrop for Soul Artefacts' Sunday funday monthly events. Nestled in the outskirts of downtown Orlando, this venue offers both indoor and outdoor spaces, adorned with captivating artworks inside and an open patio area in the back. According to Frank Matik, "Grape & the Grain is the perfect location for our events because it's a beautiful venue that provides an intimate setting for our community to come together and connect through music."

Reflecting on the success of the recent event, Frank expresses gratitude for the turnout and the diverse community it attracted. "After this past Sunday's event, I have to say our hard work is finally coming to fruition," he shares. "We had people that came down from Tampa, Atlanta, Jacksonville, Miami, and NYC, who were in town and found our event through marketing online and word of mouth, some of these people frequented the Paradise Garage and David Mancuso’s Loft events back in the day. We are grateful to have a venue like this, that provides us an opportunity to engage our community through the music we love."

As Soul Artefacts continues to weave its magic at Grape and the Grain, the future shines bright for Orlando's house music enthusiasts. Each event serves as a testament to the power of music in bringing people together and fostering a sense of belonging in a vibrant and inclusive community. Stay on the lookout for more details on their next event at Grape & The Grain April 28th.

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