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Grape and The Grain Shines in Fox 35 Preview of "The Floor" Trivia Show

Grape and The Grain Wine Bar had its moment in the spotlight during a recent Fox 35 segment previewing the upcoming trivia show, "The Floor," hosted by Rob Lowe. The lively atmosphere of Grape and The Grain, owned by Christian, set the stage for an engaging interview with trivia producers and operators from Simon Time Trivia.

Featuring regular trivia nights on Mondays and Wednesdays on the charming patio, Grape and The Grain has become a go-to spot for trivia enthusiasts. In the segment, the stars of "The Floor," Natalia and Charles, shared their experiences, discussing nerves, meeting Rob Lowe, and revealing their chosen categories.

In a live trivia session on Good Day Orlando, Simon Time Trivia posed questions covering 2023's highlights. The banter and camaraderie added to the anticipation of "The Floor" premiere at 9:00 on Fox 35. Grape and The Grain's involvement in the segment highlighted its role as a community hub for both wine lovers and trivia enthusiasts.

As Grape and The Grain continues to be a sought-after destination, the collaboration with "The Floor" promises an exciting partnership, showcasing the wine bar's vibrant atmosphere and the thrilling world of trivia. Cheers to Grape and The Grain, where wine, community, and trivia converge for an unforgettable experience! 🍷🔍 Don't forget to visit us for Trivia nights Mondays and Wednesdas with Curtis Earth.

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