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Comedy Dark Unplugged: Chatting with the Minds Behind the Madness

Grab your favorite brew, settle into a cozy corner, and get ready to dive into the world of Comedy Dark at Grape and the Grain. This crazy blend of humor has been lighting up our nights, leaving audiences in stitches and coming back for more. With a sold-out crowd and a large variety of drinks to choose from, it's become the go-to spot for those craving a laugh and a sip.

We had the chance to kick back with the brains behind Comedy Dark, Vinny DiLorenzo and asked some questions. Here's what went down:

Question 1: So, what's been the biggest takeaway for you at Grape and the Grain so far?

Vinny DiLorenzo: "My biggest takeaway so far from doing these shows with the Grape and Grain is that people don't mind craziness. They want to see weirdness, they're willing to pay for it, and they'll sit through any comedian, regardless of what they say or do, as long as the comic is there to make them laugh."

Question 2: Any standout sets that've left you rolling on the floor?

Vinny DiLorenzo: "So far, every headliner has delivered amazing sets—Chris, Sean Ross, Madison—and some of my personal favorites on the local level have been Antoine P because his comedy is dark and engaging; it feels like a hostage situation every time he's up there."

Question 3: So, spill the beans – what can we expect at the next shindig?

Vinny DiLorenzo: "I wish I could tell you what to expect for the next show, but I don't know yet. With the headliners, I usually don't have them booked until about five days before, and I'm uncertain about who will get back to me, which adds to my anxiety. As for the local comics, I don't book them too far out because I like to see who's available; everyone's always traveling, so you never know who you're going to get. But one thing I can assure you is that I only book eccentric individuals. That's the only consistent element I can offer: every time you see someone up there, they're anything but ordinary."

As we wrap up our chat with Comedy Dark, the excitement for the next show is through the roof. With each night bringing new surprises and belly laughs, it's no wonder Grape and the Grain is the place to be. So, gather your crew, loosen up, and get ready for a comedy experience like no other. After all, life's too short for boring nights – let's make some memories and share some laughs together!

Next show: April 11th

Buy your tickets: CLICK HERE

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